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Here In The Black. DVD/CD + Vinyl. Pre-Order Now

Here In The Black, the new mini documentary and live DVD/CD, is now available for pre-order. The DVD features a thirty minute documentary with Gary, filmed at his LA home and around the Los Angeles Hollywood Forever Cemetery gigs. It also has filmed performances of nine of the songs played at the gigs themselves. The DVD box set also includes a two CD audio set that includes twenty songs from the two shows. The twenty song set is also available as a double picture disc vinyl album release in a gatefold sleeve.

Track listing is:

I Am Dust, Metal, Everything Comes Down To This, The Fall, Here In The Black, Films, The Calling, Down In The Park, Splinter, Dead Sun Rising, A Shadow Falls On Me, Lost, When The Sky Bleeds, We’re The Unforgiven, Love Hurt Bleed, A Prayer For The Unborn, Cars, I Die You Die, Are ‘Friends’ Electric?, My Last day.

Unfortunately the vinyl has already sold out but there are still copies of the DVD/CD box set available.

For more info please visit the GN Store


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VIP Passes. Chicago Metro/ Rehearsal Passes LA

We now have VIP passes for the three Classic Album shows at the Chicago Metro in May, 2016. We also have Rehearsal Passes for the LA rehearsals prior to the Shows. We also hope to have VIP passes for the New York and Moogfest shows in the near future. For more info please visit: GN Store


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New York & Chicago Shows

Additional Classic Album residency shows have been confirmed for New York (Gramercy Theatre. May 10, 11 & 12) and Chicago (Metro. May 15, 16 & 17).

Ticket info New York :

May 10th. Replicas.

May 11th. The Pleasure Principle.

May 12th. Telekon.

Ticket info Chicago:

May 15th. Replicas. GA.

May 15th. Replicas. Table.

May 16th. The Pleasure Principle. GA.

May 16th. The Pleasure Principle. Table.

May 17th. Telekon. GA.

May 17th. Telekon. Table.

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